How Shapewear Became an Essential Piece in Women's Wardrobe?

How Shapewear Became an Essential Piece in Women's Wardrobe?
Shapewear’s first appearance was with the ancient Romans (753 BC), as the bra style headband, and was developed later to the outerwear corset (1500 AD) and then to the corset with a brief in the 1950s. It kept developing in designs, fabrics and styles until today. 
With the new technology and the high demand, shapewear is really becoming a required piece of underwear in women’s wardrobe and most of their outfits. It is now made of better quality fabrics with a distinct percentage of elasticity and multiple styles to satisfy every woman. 
Believe it or not, shapewear became a must-have undergarment for most women. Why? 
Because wearing shapewear is considered your magic key to enhance your already perfect body curves and get that smooth hourglass figure you desire.
Mainly the design of that piece of clothing depends on which part of the body is going to be enhanced, smoothed or tucked. Different types of shapewear are made for different figures and different outfits. All aiming for almost the same result: “Reshape your body to your desired figure.” 
Indeed, when women are using shapewear underneath dresses and everyday outfits to flatten bulges here, enhance curves there and smooth the figure; the ultimate goal is to get the natural seamless look. 
And when you look at the shapewear pieces manufactured and advertised, you are astonished about the pieces of undergarment body shapers that are available. Multiple styles and multiple solutions for all shapes and sizes!
It will help you look slimmer:
In fact, a good quality and well-designed shapewear will not only give you smoother curves, but it might even help you get a slightly slimmer figure. As it dispersed the body fat around the waist and hips in a stunning way to ensure you obtain the desired shape with a more seamless look. 
Well at some point or another, you may have wondered how does shapewear work and where does the fat go? 
The fat will be moved to places desired to be enhanced, or towards areas where muscles are compressed (the abs for example). The quality and design of your shapewear will define how the excess flab is moved to your body areas, pushed in and where it comes out. A carefully designed shapewear will make the whole process flowing to the desired sexy figure you are aiming to get. 
Yet, was shapewear only designed for plus-size and curvier ladies?
Looking past, shapewear through history was made for each woman no matter what size and shape she is. It was and still considered an undergarment to enhance the feminine look of women of all ages. Which makes it a well-placed piece of clothing in every woman’s wardrobe. 
This had been said, it only explains that shapewear is getting improved continually, and ensuring its place in women’s wardrobe day after day. Since it is becoming a normal piece of undergarment to wear underneath some outfits and maybe not others, depending on your choice. 
Of course, the piece of shapewear you will be wearing underneath a dress for a special event is not the same you will include in your everyday wear. They won’t have the same fabric, not the same compression level and maybe not the same style and design. 
Overall, shapewear has been highly developed to be suitable for multiple outfits and multiple occasions. Designed under different types (to shape different body areas), different compression levels to satisfy all women’s desired compression and comfort level, and different fabrics for different seasons and different visibility levels needed under your outfits.

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